What is Discgolf?

DiscGolf is an attractive sport discipline and an increasingly popular leisure activity. It is similar to classic golf - instead of clubs and balls, flying discs (frisbees) are used, and special baskets are used instead of holes. Frisbee golf, as the sport is sometimes referred to, originated in the 1970s in the USA and has since gained hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. DiscGolf is an easy recreational (but also professional) sport that you can learn to play in no time, regardless of gender or age.


How is DiscGolf played?

Co je discgolf_1The object of the game, as in golf, is to complete the course in as few throws as possible. The disc is thrown from a designated tee to the target - the hole, which is usually a disc golf basket. The usual length of a hole is 50-150 metres and the average player should normally complete it in three throws (depending on the par). After the first throw, the player continues from where the disc landed and continues to throw until it hits and stay in the basket.


Courses are usually designed so that players have to face natural obstacles such as trees, bushes or bodies of water and show their ability to throw various throws. The winner is the player who completes the entire course (usually consisting of 9, 12 or 18 holes) with the fewest throws.  



Equipment for DiscGolf

Co je discgolf_4Compared to traditional golf, you don't need expensive equipment to play frisbee golf. One disc is enough to get you started, starting from about 300 CZK. You don't have to be a member of any club and most courses are free of charge. You can get started right away and practically for free.


The discs used for DiscGolf are usually plastic discs with a diameter of 20 - 22 cm and weights from 130 to 180 g. Just as different clubs are used in classic golf, the choice of disc depends on the disc - some fly fast and far, others slow and straight, and others are used for putting.



Where to play DiscGolf?

Co je discgolf_2You can play DiscGolf more or less anywhere where there is enough space and suitable terrain. Larger city parks or suburban areas with open, bushy and tree-covered areas are ideal. DiscGolf courses are often found in castle parks, forest parks, ski slopes, but also in spa or hotel complexes and similar recreational areas. Terrain obstacles on the course, e.g. various hills, trees, ponds or streams, are a welcome addition to the game.


There are already thousands of disc golf courses around the world with fixed baskets. Most of them, around five thousand, are in the USA, where tens of thousands of people play disc golf. In Europe, the Scandinavian countries are the furthest behind, and in our region, Germany and the Czech Republic are the best. In our country there are already approximately 120 courses with usually 9 - 18 fixed baskets and more are still growing.


Take a look at the map of DiscGolf courses in the Czech Republic >>


Who is disc golf suitable for?

Co je discgolf_3Simply for everyone. DiscGolf is the perfect sport for a Sunday afternoon for the whole family. Small children and their grandparents can play it without any problem. You can learn to throw a disc in a few minutes and it doesn't matter what age, gender or physical ability you have. You don't even need a disc golf course, just choose targets at a suitable distance and you can start competing. As a recreational sport, frisbee golf combines being outdoors with physical and mental activity, helping people to keep fit and relax from the worries of everyday life. DiscGolf is also financially undemanding - apart from the disc, which you buy for about 300 CZK or rent for free on the course, you do not need any additional equipment. Entrance to 95% of all courses in the Czech Republic is free.


Start today. Let it fly!


See what DiscGolf looks like in motion: