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Frisbee to every school and other children institution!

DiscGolf and Ultimate Frisbee are modern, movement-developing, but at the same time undemanding sports that have already thrilled many a school-age child. Introduce these flying disc sports to your school or other institution. We will be happy to help you with this!


Ultimate frisbee

  • It is a modern team sport with a flying disc that offers a great alternative to traditional sports such as football, basketball, etc.

  • the sport is strongly based on the idea of fair play - there are no referees and players settle all disputes by agreement among themselves

  • Ultimate frisbee is suitable as a full-fledged filling of physical education classes, or as a filling of an interest group

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What we can help you with

  • we supply discs for ultimate frisbee at reduced prices (the most commonly used disc is Discraft Ultrastar, or J-star for smaller children)

  • we can create discs for you with your own printing (e.g. school logo, school team graphics, etc.)

  • we can train your teachers and prepare them to lead Ultimate frisbee classes/clubs

  • with a team of experienced players we will come to your school / institution to introduce Ultimate frisbee



  • similar to classic golf, where flying discs are used instead of clubs and balls

  • modern, easy and fun leisure activity suitable for people of all ages

  • suitable as a supplementary activity in physical education classes; as an independent interest group or as a fun activity for big breaks

  • the small disc golf course is a great use of the larger school grounds

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What we can help you with


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