4130 sensei active
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Ruru Strata
RURU Strata
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tui strata
TUI Strata
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1k SoftNeutron Glitch Blue
GLITCH Neutron Soft
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tui atomic
TUI Atomic
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PURE Zero Gravity
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til dlask oranž
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dlask red
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RURU Atomic
RURU Atomic
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OTB ProtonSoftTempo Red
TEMPO Proton Soft // OTB Open
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21251 zonegtbattlepack 1024x10242xpng
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Approach Rychlost4 Plachtivost3 Turn0 Fade3 Once started out as a joke, has now become reality! Introducing the Zone GT Battle...

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JURY Classic
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Putter Rychlost2 Plachtivost4 Turn0 Fade2 Building on the glide and consistency of the Judge comes the Jury. The Jury is a...

21445 aviar 40th duhova

Putter Rychlost2 Plachtivost3 Turn0 Fade1 The Aviar Putt & Approach is Innova's most popular disc model and the number one...

ultimo dye popcorn
POPCORN Steady // Sky Dye
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Putter Rychlost3 Plachtivost3 Turn0 Fade1 Popcorn is a salty straight beadless putter that works perfectly as a direct...

Royal Sense SAVIOR
Royal Sense SAVIOR
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Approach Rychlost Plachtivost Turn0 Fade3 Save strokes and scramble away with the Savior! This overstable putter/midrange...

berg glow tour series 720

Putter Rychlost1 Plachtivost1 Turn0 Fade2 Berg is designed for distinct shots, where you don’t need to worry about the disc...


Putter Rychlost3 Plachtivost3 Turn-1 Fade1 The Pure is a modern classic in the putt and approach department. The disc was...

P2Flex3BlueDMSE 2048x2048

Putter Rychlost2 Plachtivost3 Turn0 Fade1 This is Discmania icon — the P2 — reinvented. For over a decade the P2 has been the...

P2Flex1WhiteDMSE 2048x2048

Putter Rychlost2 Plachtivost3 Turn0 Fade1 This is Discmania icon — the P2 — reinvented. For over a decade the P2 has been the...

0004973 moonshine medium swan 1 reborn 1800x1800 32298017 3098 4122 87bd f5b4cec02703
SWAN BT Medium Moonshine
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Putter Rychlost3 Plachtivost3 Turn-1 Fade0 The Swan 2, (also known as just the Swan after the Swan 1 was discontinued and...

1k EclipseWatt GlowPreview

Putter Rychlost2 Plachtivost5 Turn-0- Fade0- Coming in with flight numbers of 2 | 5 | -0.5 | 0.5, the Neutron Watt exceeds...

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Putter Rychlost3 Plachtivost4 Turn0 Fade1 Limited edition of Maiden released for the 20th anniversary of the Czech Open, one...

ultimo dye fudge
FUDGE Steady // Sky Dye
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Putter Rychlost2 Plachtivost3 Turn0 Fade2 Fudge is our first beaded putter, is a delightful addition to our lineup. Just like...

ultimo dye spore
SPORE Neo Soft // Sky Dye
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Midrange Rychlost1 Plachtivost7 Turn0 Fade1 Spore is a fun and floaty option available in the Evolution line. This is a...

ZeroMediumOrbitPureKristinTattarTeamSeries2024White Pink

Putter Rychlost3 Plachtivost3 Turn-1 Fade1 The Pure is a modern classic in the putt and approach department. The disc was...

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Putters are the absolute basis in disc golf. These are the slowest, but also the most accurate discs used for putting, but also for long throws.

The main advantage of the putter is its maneuverability - it can maintain the angle of ejection throughout it's flight without much effort. This makes it easy to detect technical mistakes on the putter (e.g. that you do not release the disc straight). Because putters are slow (speed 1-3), they do not require as much input power to fly as their flight numbers describe. Therefore, they are suitable for beginners, who should initially throw as many throws as possible with them, ideally all of them.

When to use a putter?

An experienced player will play most of the throws within 60 meters with putter and will often use putter for longer straight throws. The optimal distance for using the putter varies according to the player's level, gender, age, strength, but also according to weather conditions and the specific hole and game situation.

How to choose the right putter?

Putting putter 

  • The most important thing here is how the disc fits in your hand. Everyone has a different hand and will find something a little different. Different putters with the same flight numbers may differ in disc depth, edge shape, or the presence of a bead. So it's best to touch the putter. If you have the opportunity, visit our shop or participate at one of our tournaments.
  • If you do not have an option to touch the discs, look for a disc with a straight flight path. You can recognize this by flight numbers - ideal to choose a putter with values Turn -1 to 1 and Fade 0 or 1.
  • Material - for putting it's reasonable to choose discs from basic (and therefore the cheapest) materials. They have a lower endurance, but a much better grip - they hold better and your hands don't just slip away unintentionally. As for the hardness of the disc (typically Soft / Medium / Hard), it mainly depends on your preference.

Throwing putter (approach putter)

  • Flight characteristics are important for throwing putters (but of course it should also fit well in your hand). You will typically want a high Glide disc. The Turn value is ideally 0 to keep the disc level during the first flight phase. Then select Fade according to how much you want the disc to turn left at the end (righty backhand throw): 0 or 1 = minimum fade; 2 and 3 = the disc fades reliably at the end of the flight - generally suitable for headwinds, forehand throws or for power throwers, with whom straighter discs inadvertently turn right in the first phase of flight.
  • Material - for throwing putters we recommend rather durable or premium materials. After all, you will hit various obstacles with them more often, and it is desirable that the disc flies the same for as long as possible.