How to choose a frisbee?

Looking for a quality flying disc? You've come to the right place! Now it's all about which one is the best for you. Whether you just want to play recreationally, try out the increasingly popular disc golf or get started with the Ultimate team discipline, you won't leave us empty-handed. Just read the following article to dive into the selection. 

There is a huge variety of discs in our offer and if you don't have at least a basic understanding of the different frisbee disciplines, there is a chance that you will choose a disc that you really like, but doesn't fly the way you imagine. However, if you go through the questions below, choosing the right frisbee for you will be a breeze. So let's do it!


Frisbee vs. discgolf disc - what's the difference?

At the beginning, we need to ask the most important question - what do I want to do with the disk? (Yes, throw, but... :)) If you're looking for a disc for classic park or beach throwing and catching, you'll be choosing from discs that we refer to across our site as frisbees*. In this case, your choice will be much easier and the rest of this article will help you make it.


However, if you want to play discgolf (more about discgolf), you will need a special disc, which differs significantly from the classic frisbee. Discgolf discs have a smaller diameter, higher weight, are usually harder and have aerodynamically shaped edges >> discgolf discs are not suitable for catching in the hand.


If you want to play discgolf and you don't know what to choose, read the separate article How to choose a discgolf disc or other useful articles from our discgolf guide.


Would you like to play with one disc in the park and try discgolf at the same time? Try universal discs like Beetle or Makani (if we have them in stock).

Discgolf disc x frisbee - porovnání

* The word Frisbee is a registered trademark of the Wham-O company, but over time it has become the popular name for any flying disc. 

I want a frisbee for throwing occasionally, what will fly best?

All our discs fly great, we can guarantee it. And if they don't, the fault probably isn't in the disc :) Just visit the Recreational frisbee section and you can choose.

  • The most widespread disc is the Ultrastar from the American manufacturer Discraft. It weighs 175 g, measures 27 cm in diameter and is one of the official discs for the popular team game Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Similarly, the German Eurodisc offers discs with identical specifications, which are also made of 100% recyclable plastic, and you can choose from a range of hilarious designs, including our own, which you won't find elsewhere.
  • Other alternatives could be Fivestar, Pulsar or discs from Wham-O (the original manufacturer of the original Frisbee).

In all cases, they are discs with the same parameters, differing mainly in colours and printing. So you can choose the one you like best with peace of mind.

us white

Discraft Ultrastar in white - probably the most used frisbee in the world


  • You can also find SkyStyler discs in our offer in various printing variants. These are discs that are mainly used for freestyle frisbee. Although they are a bit lighter than the Ultimate discs (they weigh 160 g), they fly just as well and some people even prefer them because of the slightly different shape of their rim (curved edge). This is because they have a slightly deeper rim, which may fit some people's hands better. If you like the designs on the Skystyler more than the other discs, go for it, it won't disappoint.
  • You will also find flying circles and discs from the manufacturer Aerobie. If you want to throw really far, reach for the Aerobie PRO circle, with which the world record for the long throw was set.

I'd like some specialty

No problem! How about Chameleon, which changes colour from milky transparent to bright purple in the sunlight? Or the glowing frisbees, where you can choose illuminated discs with a touch of phosphorus, or plates with built-in ice-diodes, where you can just press a button and throw all night long :)

ultrastar chameleon new

Ultrastar Chameleon reacts to UV rays and changes colour to purple

Which frisbees are suitable for children?

Ideal is for example the J-Star disc, which is a smaller version of the classic Ultimate frisbee. It weighs 145 g and flies just as well! For the little ones, we can recommend the Squidgie disc, which is made of soft rubber, which eliminates any injury. J-Star and other similar plates can be found in the Frisbee for kids section.


A common question is when to choose a smaller disc and at what age to go for a classic large disc (27 cm in diameter). The cut-off age is typically around 11 to 12 years. Of course, it also depends on other factors such as height, previous frisbee experience or overall aptitude for the sport.


At the same time, it's good to say that there's no need to worry about a smaller disc, even if you're an adult. You'll have just as much fun with it, but because of the lighter weight, it won't go as far as the larger discs. But the difference is not that significant.

js yellow

J-Star is a smaller version of Ultrastar - it flies great and is pleasantly soft

Can I throw my frisbee to my dog too?

You can, but at the same time, say goodbye to it slowly (to the disc, not the dog :)). Better get him a special frisbee for dogs, which is made of more durable plastic, so your pet won't just chew or tear it up like he would with a normal human disc. We can especially recommend the extremely durable Bite disc, which even large doggies won't just destroy.

bite - new 

Why avoid cheap/advertising frisbees?

I'm sure you know what we're talking about. A small, lightweight frisbee with a promotional print that you got for free somewhere at a festival or as a bonus with a purchase at Kaufland. If you have one of these at home, use it as a coaster under a flower, that's where it will serve you best. Do you ask why?

  • It's light - typically it won't go far and the wind will just do whatever with the disc.
  • It doesn't fly well - it's not balanced and if you put more power into the throw, it starts to twist in the air and fall to the ground.
  • Low durability - it's made of the cheapest plastic. Just a big bump on a tree or a step on it, the disc cracks and often breaks into sharp plastic shards. This makes it an explicitly dangerous toy, especially for small children.

Also beware of suspiciously cheap discs sold in toy stores and some sporting goods stores. Once the price is below 200 CZK, beware and think twice about your purchase. We're not saying that all cheap "noname" discs are worthless, but unfortunately they usually are. 


What games are played with a frisbee?

Are you tired of the monotonous throwing back and forth and would you like to do something more with the disc? You're definitely not the first. There are plenty of options, as there are a number of regular flying disc sports:

  • If you like team (and running) sports, try Ultimate Frisbee.
  • If you like some tricks, want to catch the disc behind your back, under your feet, spin it on your finger, etc., then Freestyle Frisbee is the sport for you.
  • If you like to throw for distance or accuracy and also like to walk in nature, definitely try DiscGolf.
  • If you and your dog enjoy frisbee, try the different disciplines within Dogfrisbee.

Now you shouldn't have a problem choosing the right disc. If you still have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to advise you. We wish you lots of quality time with family, friends and a flying disc!