What is Ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee is a team sport where two teams of usually seven people face each other. The object of the game is to use passes to get the disc into the opponent's end zone and score a point by catching it in the zone. It is a non-contact, but very dynamic, fun and spectator-attracting sport that has been played around the world since 1968, but is still gaining popularity today. See what Ultimate Frisbee looks like in motion:


The basic requirements for the game are endurance, speed and especially the ability to accurately throw and also catch the flying frisbee. Interestingly, games in Ultimate, even at the highest level, are not officiated by referees, but by the players themselves, who are responsible for the flow of the game. The whole sport is therefore very much based on the idea of fair play. Tournaments usually have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, but the matches themselves can be very exciting.


Ultimate frisbee is a sport for all athletically gifted individuals. It is played in the categories of open (men), women, mix (mixed teams of men and women), juniors (up to 19 years) and Masters (over 33 years). Thousands of people play ultimate all over the world.


Ultimate frisbee discs weigh 175 grams and have a diameter of 27 cm. The most commonly used disc is the Discraft UltraStar, which comes in hundreds of different designs, as each team usually uses discs with their own graphics.


Are you interested in this sport? Find out more about it on the website of the Czech Ultimate Association, where you can also learn how to get started, what are the basic rules or throwing techniques.