Building DiscGolf courses

Implementation of DiscGolf courses from A to Z

We offer complete implementation of disc golf courses in the area of your choice. We are able to realize both recreational courses and professional disc golf courses that can be used for official tournaments (domestic and foreign). We will provide everything you need from the selection of a suitable location to the design of the course to the final implementation. All in first-class quality. FREE consultation.


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We build MultiGolf courses

What is a Multigolf course?

A multigolf course is a concept that combines three sports - parkgolf, footballgolf and discgolf - in one place. The course is designed in such a way that the tees are the same for all three sports and at the end of the hole there is always a discgolf basket with an integrated ending for park golf and football golf.


This ensures the fluidity of the game, no one gets in the way and the sports can be combined. Someone can throw the disc, another can kick the ball and another can hit the ball. All on the same hole.


The multigolf course is not demanding on space. For a quality Multigolf park you need roughly the size of a football field. If you want to use a larger area, there is no problem at all, on the contrary, you will provide even more fun for the players. At the same time, several natural and artificial obstacles are designed on the course to keep the game interesting and keep the players from getting tired of the course.


All three sports are very easy to learn, players don't need any special training or expensive equipment. The simplicity and ease of these sports make them ideal for all ages, from the very young to the elderly. A visit to a multigolf course can be great fun for the whole family.


Multigolf courses can operate as public or pay-as-you-play sports facilities. It's up to you. It's definitely a good idea to ensure availability of equipment (discs, balls and clubs), either in the form of rental or arranging sales in the nearby area.

Here is a short video to give you a better idea of how multigolf looks and works: Multigolf video


Realization of Multigolf course

Are you interested in the concept of a Multigolf course, but you don't know if the location you have selected is suitable for the course? We will be happy to visit you and evaluate the selected location together with you.


If we find a suitable location, we can provide you with complete implementation and technical support of the Multigolf course. We will take care of the construction of the course, including the supply of the necessary materials and equipment. All this in the highest possible quality.


We design the course to be both safe and fun. We also ensure that all the materials used are environmentally friendly and we adapt the design of the course to the surrounding nature to avoid damaging it. We will provide you with a specific quote once we have identified the location and the expected size of the Multigolf course. We think it's a great investment, whether perhaps within a municipality, city or if it's in the private sector such as various leisure resorts. It's a course for three sports at the same time, a great fun course and it's also a course for all ages.


We are able to build the entire Multigolf park within a few weeks, starting from the agreement on implementation.

All the above information about Multigolf courses can also be downloaded as a PDF brochure (in Czech language).


Are you interested in a free non-binding consultation or are you directly requesting the construction of a discgolf or multigolf course? Contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 732 161 358.